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New Joomla Database Conversion Tools
I just added two new MySQL Database conversion tools to our downloads section. The first is supposed to help you convert from PostNuke to Joomla. The second one is supposed to help you convert from PHP-Nuke to Joomla. Grab both downloads.

Upcoming Changes On GameNuke

We are happy to announce additional support for Game related Templates, Themes, Extensions, Plugins, Modules and Components for Drupal and Wordpress. We are currently setting up a Demo site for you to view Drupal and Wordpress Themes. We have a handful of free game themes for Drupal ready to go. We also have a few free game themes for Wordpress including two themes that we created ourselves.


On the flip side of things, we are dropping suport for PHP-Nuke and PostNuke. We feel the code base and design standards for these products are no longer viable in todays competitive Content Management System market.  If you came here looking for Game related additions to your PHP-Nuke or PostNuke website, I am sorry, but you will not find anything available.

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